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Hi, I’m Renee!
Welcome to Almost Home Pet Retreat

We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing quality dog care services for your family pets entrusted to us. Our love for pets and the need for quality pet care, including Doggy Day Care, is what contributed to us purchasing Almost Home Pet Retreat in June 2018. Over an acre of land for the dogs to explore with their friends, the large boarding rooms, and our vision to deliver excellent pet care at every level will make Almost Home Pet Retreat the most sought-after boarding facility in Conroe, Texas.

Our devoted pet-loving staff places your pet’s security, safety, well-being, and welfare above all. We deal honestly and fairly with our customers and strive to make every experience with us a pleasant and memorable one. We accept the serious responsibility involved in the care of your beloved pets, and they are always treated with kindness and love and given lots of personal attention.

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You can usually contact us at Almost Home Pet Retreat, but if we can do anything to make your pet’s stay more enjoyable, please don’t
hesitate to contact us personally. We have rescued and rehabilitated many dogs over the years and love the fact that so many of the current
customers visiting Almost Home Pet Retreat started out as rescue dogs! In fact, both of our current dogs, Mojo and Happy, were strays before
they became part of our family, and we couldn’t imagine life without them.

Welcome to Almost Home! – Regards Renee & David

OR CALL US AT 936/788-7387

    Initial Evaluation AT
    Almost Home Pet Retreat

    Please keep in mind that we require an Initial Evaluation for all new dogs because we are cage free and the dogs interact together.

    We schedule evaluations during the mornings from 9 am – 11 am for one hour intervals.

    Evaluations should be scheduled in advance at least 1-2 weeks prior to your dog coming to board with us. This will allow time for you to identify alternative arrangements should your dog’s temperament not be suitable for our cage free environment.

    Please call to schedule your dog’s evaluation and discuss any questions/concerns you may have about your dog’s behavior